Sunday, November 18, 2007


You don't have to look far to find my past feelings on A-Rod and now you have to look even less far to find my current feelings on A-Rod. They are as follows...

The LA Angels of Anaheim should sign the bastard. He's good... real good. Sure A-Rod may do things like slap you as he runs down the first base line but he also hits a crapload of home runs and plays decent on defense . If they do sign him I will take back all of my harsh words and offensive graffiti I have thrown in A-Rod's direction over the years. Heck... if he signs with the Dodgers I'll even take it all back. Just don't go to the Red Sox you talented ass.

While some people have the feeling that Joe Torre's west coast swing will bring Alex Rodriguez to the Los Angeles Dodgers I am holding out for the Angels. I believe that in the end Mr. Rodriguez and his disgusting agent Scott Boras will go to the highest bidder and now that Bill Stoneman is no longer the Angels GM they will finally get the "Big Bat" that Arte Moreno has been asking for for the past 3 seasons.

UPDATE: Dodgers and A-Rod news... this is after Torre said he was exchanging voice mail with A-Rod. It also shoots down the Jeff Kent and Larry King story. Who knows what to believe these days?

I'm not alone with my Angels theories. The blogosphere/sports news o sphere agrees with me.

In this one they mention that A-Rod purchased a home in OC... what what?!

In this one we find out that the Angels will persue cheaper options before giving in to paying big money to A-Rod. Note Rev Halofan's comment(he runs the Halos Heaven Blog). I agree. The Angels need leverage in the situation with A-Rod's butthole agent so they are pretending to be dis-interested at the moment.

After A-Rod's suitors offered him less than the Yankees would have offered; the little babyrod went crying back to the Yankwads and gifted them a contract worth 275 Mil. over 10 years or some horse crap. I'll be practicing my "Booooo" from now until Friday 8/8, Saturday 8/9, and Sunday 8/10 of next year when the Yankees come to play in Anaheim.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


If you'll take a look at the Sights and Sounds to See and Hear and Wear portion of this blog you will see a new link to a hot new website called Look At This Fool. I'm not sure if the site's creator wants to debut this thing yet because he has yet to mention it on his own blog but I'm going ahead and putting it out there for now.

I'm that fool.