Wednesday, February 7, 2007


If you were like me this past Saturday night then you may have caught the latest episode of SNL and also the latest performance by myspace sensation brit pop singer Lily Allen. If you were not like me then here's a link to one of Lily's performances on the show. That episode of SNL was probably the first one I'd watched in at least a year and the whole reason for watching was to see Lily perform. I've been a fan of hers for a while now. Before the album came out all you could do to listen to her music was click a few tracks on myspace or do what I did and leave her website up and listen to a bunch of tracks play in a flash player. I wanted her album so bad I tried to download it off of the iTunes UK store and when it wouldn't let me I downloaded it off of some crappy English site that charged me in pounds and the files didn't even work on my computer. They were not Mac compatible and I failed to read the fine print in my frenzy to download Lily. Flash forward in time to this past Saturday now and look up nervous, tense and reserved in the dictionary and you will see that clip of Lily performing on SNL. She hasn't been performing live for even a year and I guess being on SNL shook her a bit. Despite her reserved behavior on stage I enjoyed the SNL performance. It had the feel of an elementary school talent show and you're rooting for your little sister. While this was ok for two TV performances but I felt a little weary about seeing her perform live just two days later at the Henry Fonda in Hollywood.

Of course I still went to the show in Hollywood and boy was I glad. My doubts were turned upside down by the lively and talented Lily Allen. Her back up band was awesome and her stage presence bounced all over and filled the Henry Fonda (which is one of the larger venues in LA), unlike on SNL where it stood there and teetered back and forth. The crowd was super hyped over her which is something I didn't expect. I didn't know so many people in the states were into little British girls singing songs about being pissed off at their ex boyfriend and sticking it to the man. During the show she remarked that they had been to 3 continents in something like a week and that they were all a little out of it. Maybe being a little out of it is what she needed to be because in just 3 days she went from stage fright to stage veteran having every person in the room hanging on her every word.

So yeah... you're pretty alright Lily... pretty alright.

If you're in the LA area and want to see her perform she will be at day 3 of Coachella.

If you're in London and you get the chance to see her perform I highly recommend it...Who would want to miss a chance to be there for this?