Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Barry Bonds*

The Record, originally uploaded by robindbrown.

Barry Bonds is in Los Angeles this week. Dodgers fans HATE the San Francisco Giants and they HATE Barry even more than that team due to his steroid allegations. The guy juiced up because he couldn't stand to sit back and watch Juicemaster Gaywad Mark McGwire and Slammy Sosa juice their way to the single season home run record. Not only has Bonds surpassed McGwire's single season record he's about to take the all time record from the all time great Hammerin' Hank Aaron.

My roommate and I have season tickets for the Dodgers and will be there for two of this week's games. To commemorate Bonds' chase of home runs number 755, 756 and beyond we've made T-Shirts with big white asterisks on them. This is because whenever you look in the record books and see Bonds' all time career home run record (it's going to happen) you will see one of these * next to it. At the bottom of the page you will see something along the lines of: *Steroid Era or *Some Baseball enthusiasts believe that the widespread use of steroid use during Bonds' career is responsible for inflated individual statistics.... or some shit.

So yeah.. enjoy the * Barry.

If you want to peep us out at the games we will be sporting the tees while sitting in the front row of the "Top Deck." Our seats are almost behind home plate... slightly more to the 3rd base side. Feel free to take pictures, put us on TV, interview us, blog about us... whatever you want.

UPDATE: 8/1/07

Game one was full of booing but no record book making Barry Bonds home runs. It was interesting to say the least. I took my camera and got some sweet pictures of the game.