Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It's the worst when you're less than two weeks away from being unemployed and you've got NOTHING up on the horizon.

It's the worst iPod case EVER. Really, could this be more disgusting?

It's the worst $32.00 you could spend on a gift for your hockey loving friend.

It's the worst Dane Cook movie ever? Probably not(Looking at Jessica Alba for an hour and a half is probably kind of good). This is probably the worst Dane Cook movie ever.

It's the worst when your middle aged single father(your father, not my father) gets a flickr account.

It's the worst when everybody blames you for playing at your worst.

It's the worst movies that make the most money.

It's the worst of the NHL's new jerseys but some say that this is the worst while this might be the worst(because the logo size was changed to be so TINY)

and finally...

It's the worst cell phone gag photo of me ever.